Finding Your Fixer Upper Home

If you are looking to find a home to renovate for flipping, an investment property, or a cheaper residence, a Fixer Upper home might be right for you. Simply stated, a Fixer Upper home is a home that needs work in order to be considered live-able. For example, such work could include but is not limited to: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, roofing, landscaping and many other things!

Fixer Upper homes are investment properties that require a lot of time and money upfront in order to turn these homes around. However, they can offer big returns on the backend if you are flipping, long returns on renting, or possibly a more economical way of attaining a residence.

Fixer Upper homes can be hard to find because they are not often displayed in the local MLS. When searching for a Fixer Upper, we will provide you with a list of homes in your area based upon your desired use of the property.

We will be contacting you shortly to help you throughout this process so please have your questions ready!